Sleepless Nights

So, I’m outside the apartment door. I am currently locked out because the door is double lock. *sigh* I knew I shouldve texted my roomie that I will be home by 4 am. *facepalm* anyways. I guess I will be sleeping for two hours only since im working at 10 a.m. and i have a presentation to finish. Damn life.

Signing out.

Love, Jasminc C.



Job Hunts and all that fun stuff

So, I am finishing college *yay*

but I want to stop for now because I want to work and pay whatever I am owing to the government *boo*

But I never thought that it would be hard to find a job today. I have been searching for any marketing related position but I have no luck. They all wanted somebody with atleast two years of experience.

But it’s okay. If I keep looking and refine my cover letter and resume better, then I guess I will eventually find one.

Goodluck me.

BTW, sorry for the late post 😥 It’s the Finals </3

Oh April Fools

I woke up at around ten in the morning when I received a message from my best friend saying, “omg. where are you? Someone’s trying to kidnap me.”

I called her. Nope. No answer,

My first instinct was– CALL 911!

And then– Call her mom!

I seriously panicked.

I just woke up, my head’s all fuzzy, I haven’t had any cup of coffee, therefore, I’m not basically awake.


But, I know I have to come to school by eleven so i took a shower and everything.


As I was sitting in the bus, my best friend texted me saying, “JK. Happy April Fools,”

And I was like– YOU B***! F*** You!!!!


And then she called and laughed and I laughed my ass off.


You see, I didn’t realize that it was April Fools.

I should’ve known better.