The Perks of Long Drives and New Surroundings

Hello everybody? How is everyone? It’s been  4 months since I last posted about my amateur writing life *hides*. Please don’t kill me!! (*´>д<)

Anyway, today, the family went for a pilgrimage in Midland. It was a two and a half hour drive and we left at 5:30 A.M …. I know! Cray cray!! But the long drive gave me ideas on my new story whilst loong at the scenery, the small towns and the people living around. The feeling of brewing story ideas is giving me excitement all over!

So, the place we went to is called Martyr’s Shrine in Tay, Ontario. Yes. It is my first time and the place actually reminded me of Baguio City, Philippines. The high hills that overlooks some part of the place is similar to Baguio that it gives me nostalgic feelings


It was a beautiful day!

It was also covered in high trees, blocking the harsh heat. It was a perfect day, afterall. Continue reading