Prompt #001: ‘Under The Same Sky’

Sky – This is a response to June 3rd writing prompt. I have so many ideas in mind that I need to sort out. I figured that writing a prompt should do the trick. I hope you enjoy my first prompt! 🙂


“Do you promise me that you will come back?”

“I will.”

“No matter what?” 

He smiled at me as he held my hand, pinching it slightly. I watched him, captured all of his physical image in my memory– his long, jet black eye lashes, his stubborn bedhead hair, and the beauty mark that only appeared when he blinked his dark brown eyes. All I could do was picture him in memory because today was the last day I’d see him.

He had a duty to fulfill and all I could do was watch him turn his back and wait patiently, pray and pray that he’d come back safe and sound.

Tears began to fall down my cheeks and he immediately wiped them and placed a kiss on each eye. I just let the warmth of his lips fill me up.

Then, he leaned gently and whispered to me. “Remember that no matter where I go, you are always here in my heart and in my mind. We may be continents apart, my love, but we still stand under the same sky. Don’t forget that.”

I nodded. “I won’t.”

There’s my bittersweet prompt. It’s kinda breaking me, too. Excuse me while I pick up the broken pieces on the floor.



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