A Day With My Girls: A Day Full of Fun and Catching Up

#NationalBestfriendDay was trending yesterday so I give you my bffs! I could’ve posted this yesterday but meh. I was too tired and got lazy after I get caught up with watching anime (story of my life!)

Anyway, I met with my bffs a couple of days ago. Although we don’t see each other that much now because of our busy schedule, we try our best to meet and catch up when we’re all available. We ate sushi, went around downtown, and enjoyed the rest of the day at a cafe. It was truly a blast!


Seven, strong years of friendship and we’re still sticking with each other. We all met in 10th grade and we were all fresh off boat. We instantly clicked because we all share common interests– music and anime. My bestfriends– Kathryne or Katt for short, and Kristel (shoe goes by either Tel or Kris) have been with me through thick and thin. We all know what grinds our gears and all the secrets that we have shared with each other; I think that’s what makes our friendship so special. We may go through some misunderstandings and conflict along the way but we manage to break through and work it out.

I am, indeed, a very lucky gal to have additional two sistas in my life. I am truly blessed and appreciative for what they’ve done for me and the advice I get from them is gold! Being with them and knowing the fact that I have two supportive friends behind my back is always reassuring. This is why I don’t feel the need to constantly find and make new friends. These two are enough for me and I cherish them very much.

Katt and Kristel are like the Sasuke to my Naruto, the Mabel to my Dipper, and the Jake to my Finn.

Friends are nice, but best friends rock your world.


Keep rockin’.



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