Haikyuu!!: Reasons Why I’m Obsessed


Oniku kami-sama, oniku kami-sama!

This is my third time watching season 1 and the second time watching season 2. This is, by far, the most anticipated sports anime coming this fall 2016 (season three banzai!).

For me, watching Haikyuu this time around will never get old because of the ample amount of comedy, overwhelming team effort, and the satisfaction of watching the main character start from the bottom (now we’re here) and work his way up to the top. In addition, I get to watch a team that used to be in the limelight and one of the powerhouses back in the day. Their ‘underdog’ status makes it more fun to see how they will overcome their differences and other powerhouse teams.

Here are 10 reasons why I’m obsessed with Haikyuu:

#1 The main character is OP, but he doesn’t know it


Hinata Shoyo, the shortest middle blocker with the mentality of an ace, has the natural talent to become Karasuno’s best decoy ever! Prior to coming to Karasuno, his short height is often a vice because volleyball players are usually tall.

But did Hinata give up? NO! Did he cower in fear when he’s around tall people? MAYBE? SOMETIMES? But no matter what comes up ahead, his tall and powerful opponents are nothing but a hurdle that he gratefully fights them in the court. After all, the one who drops the ball first loses.

#2 The third year fighting spirit is real and contagious!


| fan-art not mine |

Three third years: Sawamura, Sugawara, and Azumane are on their final push to bring back Karasuno in the Nationals, and their fighting spirit and determination is stronger than ever. Watching them play and feeling their fighting spirit at every practice and games makes you cheer them on. They even gave up their college prep work just to play volleyball! Crazy? YES. But the feels is real with these guys.


#3 You have a love-and-hate relationship with other teams

Usually, you hate the teams that go against the main team of the story. Haikyuu, on the other hand, leverage from our fickleness by creating rivalry between teams. Especially when you know that these teams will go against your favorite team, and you don’t want them to lose but they have to lose or else Karasuno won’t be in the Nationals!

UGH. LIFE IS HARD SO F*CK IT. Cheering on all teams is sooo hard 😥



#4 Shimizu-senpai: Tsundere level 999

I love the beautiful manager and the fact that other teams get jealous because Karasuno has a beautiful manager. Not only that– she’s a tsundere. The only people I know in this anime that appreciates that the most are Nishinoya and Ryuu. Just look at their face.



#5 Nishinoya Yuu is life

When Karasuno volleyball captain mentioned about “Karasuno’s Guadian Diety”, I was like: DAAAAMN SON! HE MUST BE OP AF! This boy better be some bad-ass character if the captain names him as the Guardian Diety.


You know what, I’m not disappointed. I was overwhelmed by his bad-ass-ness (is that even a word?) and I was instantly impressed by his personality and determination to play volleyball with his team. Plus, he looks sooo attractive with his hair down XD and his reasons why he joined Karasuno had me rolling on the floor!


| fan-art not mine |

#6 Animation quality is amazing!

This is, by far, one of the best animation is sports anime yet. The angles, the moves, intensity, and the smooth drawing is top quality. Thank you, Production I.G for making yet again, another awesome sports animation!


#7 The mysterious “Little Giant”


When Karasuno was in the Nationals, their ace was a shortie just like Hinata, thus the title “Little Giant”. Coincidentally, the Little Giant and Hinata shares the same jersery number (which is amazeballs!). Hinata often flashbacks to the time when he saw the “Little Giant” on T.V. When this mysterious guy comes on, his face is often not shown therefore, his identity aside from his title is a big question mark.


As a result, the fandom theorizes who could this man be. Like many of them, I assumed that the Karasuno VBC Advisor: Tanaka-sensei is the Little Giant but I was convinced that I was wrong because of so many reasons. This is why Haikyuu is fun to watch. The Little Giant’s identity has yet to be revealed, and the fandom is waiting patiently.

#8 Defeating the undefeated

As I’ve mentioned before, Karasuno is the ‘underdog’ of the Miyagi prefecture. They used to be a powerhouse school when it comes to volleyball but when Coach Ukai leaves the team, they slowly became less of a powerful team. As a result, many teams in their prefecture don’t even see Karasuno as a contender anymore.

However, that makes their comeback extra thrilling! When Karasuno defeated Aoba Johsai (oops! Spoiler alert!) and heads on to the Finals with the undefeated Shiratorizawa, many other teams were surprised! And their surprise is the greatest feeling of all!

I can’t wait for September >:]


#9 Awesome opening songs!

All of them are awesome, but this is probably my favorite of all opening. I can feel the team spirit! >_<

#10 Watching the whole series will leave you wanting to play volleyball

This is a disease every time I watch sports anime. I go through that phase where I relive anime moments in real life, even though there’s the sheer fact that I can’t play at all.

My sister plays volleyball and I always tell her to watch it (but she refuses and it makes me mad inside!). I think she had enough of my saying that she needs to watch it.


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ANIME if you are into sports anime. If you’re not into sport anime at all, I’m not seriously judging you /:) but you should give it a try.

Waiting ’till September will be a drag. Now, let me go back to watching another sports anime to fill the void inside me.



4 thoughts on “Haikyuu!!: Reasons Why I’m Obsessed

  1. I haven’t watched this because generally I’m not in to sports anime, but after reading your reasoning I think this might be worth a go. Will add to my list to check out in the near future.

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