Prompt #001: ‘Under The Same Sky’

Sky – This is a response to June 3rd writing prompt. I have so many ideas in mind that I need to sort out. I figured that writing a prompt should do the trick. I hope you enjoy my first prompt! 🙂 Continue reading


A Book Review:’Tiger’s Curse: Book 1′ by Colleen Houck


Spoiler Alert!

One word: SWOON!

If all of my favorite genre is mashed into one book, Tiger’s Curse certainly takes the cake. Swoon-worthy romance, teenage angst, a blue-eyed prince, history, culture, folklore, and adventure. Gosh! Where do I even begin!?

This book kept me reading even at work. I thought I was over with YA genre since I’ve always been reading A LOT of new adult and contemporary genre. And boy, oh boy, was I wrong. This is also worth the money because it went on sale for CAD 5.99 or so. So, that’s a plus. Alright. As for the story, this is a series so the first book is really just about the introduction of the characters, getting to know them, and the setting pretty much lays out what I’m going to expect in the next three books.  Continue reading

What I Learned from Assassination Classroom



If you don’t know, I am also a big anime fan. Although I am more inclined to romance and slice of life genre, shounen manga and anime is also a favorite of mine (because OP characters are life). I recently finished reading Assassination Classroom and oh boy you have no idea how many tears I have shed while reading/watching this. There’s also so much laughter, comedic relief, and the feels train is real in this anime.

Assassination Classroom is about Class 3-E and their mission to kill their alien teacher. While this sounds absurd,  I notice that the anime speaks volume about our society, authority, power and control, and our psychoanalysis. Continue reading

Back to Good ol’ Hobby

Recently, I’ve been playing around with my new drawing tablet. After a couple weeks of mastering Krita and my new digital drawing tablet, I can honestly say that I’m getting the hang of digital drawing.

While it is fun to doodle, sketch and draw my favorite anime and cartoon characters, coloring them is a different story– it is very hard!


As for someone like me who doesn’t possess a very good understanding of color theory and shading, you can pretty much imagine how disastrous my initial attempt was.

However, after watching countless YouTube videos on how to shade and understand color theory, I can pretty much (and proudly) present to you my very first full colored artwork. Continue reading

The Perks of Long Drives and New Surroundings

Hello everybody? How is everyone? It’s been  4 months since I last posted about my amateur writing life *hides*. Please don’t kill me!! (*´>д<)

Anyway, today, the family went for a pilgrimage in Midland. It was a two and a half hour drive and we left at 5:30 A.M …. I know! Cray cray!! But the long drive gave me ideas on my new story whilst loong at the scenery, the small towns and the people living around. The feeling of brewing story ideas is giving me excitement all over!

So, the place we went to is called Martyr’s Shrine in Tay, Ontario. Yes. It is my first time and the place actually reminded me of Baguio City, Philippines. The high hills that overlooks some part of the place is similar to Baguio that it gives me nostalgic feelings


It was a beautiful day!

It was also covered in high trees, blocking the harsh heat. It was a perfect day, afterall. Continue reading

Sleepless Nights

So, I’m outside the apartment door. I am currently locked out because the door is double lock. *sigh* I knew I shouldve texted my roomie that I will be home by 4 am. *facepalm* anyways. I guess I will be sleeping for two hours only since im working at 10 a.m. and i have a presentation to finish. Damn life.

Signing out.

Love, Jasminc C.