The Wonders of Coincidence

“A coincidence is, by definition, a synchronistic experience. It comes from the nonlocal domain, and affects our world in unpredictable ways. The very fact that it’s a coincidence means that it is a message from the Universe. We must take heed, and then take action. This is our opportunity for a creative response.”

-Deepak Chopra

Something terribly amazing happened last night. As I was watching anime (as usual, it’s my lullaby at night LOL), a wonderful person messaged me on instagram at two in the morning with a very touching message.

Essentially, she found my book on wattpad and in the back of her mind, she thought the title sounded very familiar. Not until she began to go through her older instagram posts and found her art with similar concept and theme as my book. And who knew? We even titled our work of art “Painting Paper Hearts”. Continue reading


I Noticed Something Peculiar and Interesting…

I’ve been watching sports anime for the past year and half or so, and I noticed something: many characters from different sports anime share the same name.

Yeah, yeah. It’s no big deal, but for me it’s something that I can’t help but notice and wonder if the mangaka of each of these anime actually did it on purpose.

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Haikyuu!!: Reason Why I’m Obsessed


Oniku kami-sama, oniku kami-sama!

This is my third time watching season 1 and the second time watching season 2. This is, by far, the most anticipated sports anime coming this fall 2016 (season three banzai!).

For me, watching Haikyuu this time around will never get old because of the ample amount of comedy, overwhelming team effort, and the satisfaction of watching the main character start from the bottom (now we’re here) and work his way up to the top. In addition, I get to watch a team that used to be in the limelight and one of the powerhouses back in the day. Their ‘underdog’ status makes it more fun to see how they will overcome their differences and other powerhouse teams.

Here are 10 reasons why I’m obsessed with Haikyuu: Continue reading

A Day With My Girls: A Day Full of Fun and Catching Up

#NationalBestfriendDay was trending yesterday so I give you my bffs! I could’ve posted this yesterday but meh. I was too tired and got lazy after I get caught up with watching anime (story of my life!)

Anyway, I met with my bffs a couple of days ago. Although we don’t see each other that much now because of our busy schedule, we try our best to meet and catch up when we’re all available. We ate sushi, went around downtown, and enjoyed the rest of the day at a cafe. It was truly a blast!

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A Book Review:’Tiger’s Curse: Book 1′ by Colleen Houck


Spoiler Alert!

One word: SWOON!

If all of my favorite genre is mashed into one book, Tiger’s Curse certainly takes the cake. Swoon-worthy romance, teenage angst, a blue-eyed prince, history, culture, folklore, and adventure. Gosh! Where do I even begin!?

This book kept me reading even at work. I thought I was over with YA genre since I’ve always been reading A LOT of new adult and contemporary genre. And boy, oh boy, was I wrong. This is also worth the money because it went on sale for CAD 5.99 or so. So, that’s a plus. Alright. As for the story, this is a series so the first book is really just about the introduction of the characters, getting to know them, and the setting pretty much lays out what I’m going to expect in the next three books.  Continue reading