The Wonders of Coincidence

“A coincidence is, by definition, a synchronistic experience. It comes from the nonlocal domain, and affects our world in unpredictable ways. The very fact that it’s a coincidence means that it is a message from the Universe. We must take heed, and then take action. This is our opportunity for a creative response.”

-Deepak Chopra

Something terribly amazing happened last night. As I was watching anime (as usual, it’s my lullaby at night LOL), a wonderful person messaged me on instagram at two in the morning with a very touching message.

Essentially, she found my book on wattpad and in the back of her mind, she thought the title sounded very familiar. Not until she began to go through her older instagram posts and found her art with similar concept and theme as my book. And who knew? We even titled our work of art “Painting Paper Hearts”. Continue reading


Back to Good ol’ Hobby

Recently, I’ve been playing around with my new drawing tablet. After a couple weeks of mastering Krita and my new digital drawing tablet, I can honestly say that I’m getting the hang of digital drawing.

While it is fun to doodle, sketch and draw my favorite anime and cartoon characters, coloring them is a different story– it is very hard!


As for someone like me who doesn’t possess a very good understanding of color theory and shading, you can pretty much imagine how disastrous my initial attempt was.

However, after watching countless YouTube videos on how to shade and understand color theory, I can pretty much (and proudly) present to you my very first full colored artwork. Continue reading