5 Anime Character Deaths That I Still Can’t Get Over With

Writers play God all the time, and like the all-powerful beings that they are, they can bring death just as they breathe life into their characters. Even in the fictional world of anime, death must come. And just like life, the death of these characters are permanent.

These deaths also made me go through seven stages of grief.

As always, do read at your own risk as spoilers are sprinkled all over the place.

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Haikyuu!!: Reasons Why I’m Obsessed


Oniku kami-sama, oniku kami-sama!

This is my third time watching season 1 and the second time watching season 2. This is, by far, the most anticipated sports anime coming this fall 2016 (season three banzai!).

For me, watching Haikyuu this time around will never get old because of the ample amount of comedy, overwhelming team effort, and the satisfaction of watching the main character start from the bottom (now we’re here) and work his way up to the top. In addition, I get to watch a team that used to be in the limelight and one of the powerhouses back in the day. Their ‘underdog’ status makes it more fun to see how they will overcome their differences and other powerhouse teams.

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