What I’m Learning from Editing My Own Book

The first novel I ever completed took me approximately a year to finish. I am proud to say that I am able to do that in between my bus rides, boring lectures, and in between classes (remembering all the tiny giggles as I write in public makes me red >_<). In some way, writing my book has enabled me to let the creative juice going by constantly writing dramatic plot points and saucy romance (take note: it’s a new adult genre *wink wink*).


I have come to a decision to edit my book because for one, it’s a first draft. And while first drafts are meant to suck anyway that it makes you want to burn your book and never open it again, I’m glad I am able to at least get into the completion of the first draft because this is an opportunity to improve. It took a lot, and I mean a lot of effort, time, and dedication to finish a ninety-thousand-word novel.

Although I proof-read my work before posting it on Wattpad, sometimes mistakes slip my tired eyes. Now that I am entirely available all summer, I’m ready to give this book my full attention and every ounce of proof-reading knowledge I got (with few cups of coffee and possibly a shot of tequila on the side).

I’m ready to delve into the abyss known as self-editing…


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The Wonders of Coincidence

“A coincidence is, by definition, a synchronistic experience. It comes from the nonlocal domain, and affects our world in unpredictable ways. The very fact that it’s a coincidence means that it is a message from the Universe. We must take heed, and then take action. This is our opportunity for a creative response.”

-Deepak Chopra

Something terribly amazing happened last night. As I was watching anime (as usual, it’s my lullaby at night LOL), a wonderful person messaged me on instagram at two in the morning with a very touching message.

Essentially, she found my book on wattpad and in the back of her mind, she thought the title sounded very familiar. Not until she began to go through her older instagram posts and found her art with similar concept and theme as my book. And who knew? We even titled our work of art “Painting Paper Hearts”. Continue reading

Philosophy of Love and Sex– Reason why I can’t update :(

I have this elective that I chose before the beginning of 4th semester. I wanted to take it on my 3rd but it was full. 

I was excited to take this class (take note: Not because of sex but because of philo), bought my book, and you know what? Just like every bad college student habit, I never read the book.

I bring them to class but I rarely read the content, which is why sometimes, during arguments/class discussion, I was left behind.

But I really like the professor because he always encouraged me to speak up my opinions. According to him, my opinions are valid. 

And I agree.

If I can sum up all the things I learned in that class, I would say that the highlight for me was Marquis de Sade.

I know, weird right? 


Anyways! That is also the reason why I can’t update my book! *cries in the corner* but I promise, after the end of April I’ll be updating more often. 

That Feeling of Updating




Do you know that feeling when you feel so… blocked. That’s me every update though I have been working very hard on making the best chapter each update (although I update almost twice a month). Because of school and other time-eating stuff, I haven’t been able to sit down and dedicate a whole day to write.

Not until today!

Today, I feel amazing. I finally finished the first part of my novel and few more chapters till it ends. I am very hopeful that more and more readers will discover my story and hopefully find this interesting.

Well, you know. I’m an amateur writer anyways.

I try my best to be a better one, that someday, I will be able to publish an original story of mine 🙂

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Love always,

Jasmin C.

The Amateur Writer