I Noticed Something Peculiar and Interesting…

I’ve been watching sports anime for the past year and half or so, and I noticed something: many characters from different sports anime share the same name.

Yeah, yeah. It’s no big deal, but for me it’s something that I can’t help but notice and wonder if the mangaka of each of these anime actually did it on purpose.


If you already know, I’ve made a post about Haikyuu a few days ago and you will see two familiar names in here. For example, my favorite sports anime at the moment– Haikyuu– has a character named Kageyama.


Yup. This guy who is known for his genius setting and knowledge of the game actually shares a name with one of the characters in Baby Steps (tennis)


He looks too cool in this picture, too. But Haikyuu Kageyama looks so much cooler! >_<

Moving on… we have the Sawamuras.


Yes! This calm, reliable, and trustworthy Captain of  the Karasuno volleyball club shares the same with the main character of Diamond no Ace (baseball):


In my opinion, Sawamura Daichi (Haikyuu) and Sawamura Eijun (Dia no Ace) are polar opposite. While Daichi acts as the stronghold of the volleyball team, Eijun is the trump card of the baseball team. Eijun may be a little rough on the edges with his unpredictable pitches, both Sawamuras share the same determination to go to the Nationals.

Now that I think about it… I should do a review on Diamond no Ace 😉



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